During my study tour, the relationship between the natural and built environments tended to focus on the manner in which the natural environment has started to reclaim the built environment. Particularly in South Australia, there were numerous abandoned homesteads. It was interesting to note how the weather and vegetation in particular were taking its toll on the buildings and infrastructure and raised a few questions around the materials that have and have not survived. For example, timber doorframes left standing after the surrounding stonewalls have crumbled.

The ruins I visited ranged from totally neglected to those that have been restored, such as at Kanyaka, and to those that are being lovingly restored by volunteers at Fareena.

The old Ghan railway line featured a number of abandoned infrastructure elements, including bridges and railway sidings at regular intervals, for example at Curdimurka, where the steam trains replenished with water for the next stage of their journeys.

These images have raised more questions than answers, giving me an on-going task of further research. I fully intend to undertake this as a project with the aim of producing a more detailed article around this topic.

In the meantime, please view my selection of images that illustrate the comments above by clicking on the image.

(c) 2020 Martin Leitch Photography

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