Flinders Street Station - Project Overview

Having been the subject of much debate and procrastination by successive Victorian State governments, a $100m project commenced in early 2017 to repair the façade and roof, make the building more structurally sound and watertight and restore the heritage clock tower. Having been subject to five changes in colour schemes during its life, a significant element of the project was to paint the building exterior to the original 1910 colour scheme.


Constructed between 1905 and 1909, the existing Flinders Street Station has become a significant Australian icon and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. Over the recent decades the building has suffered due to a lack of investment in repairs and maintenance, resulting in a significant degradation in the integrity of the structure. This was particularly evident when seen at close quarters and at roof level where water ingress had caused significant damage to the ballroom and gymnasium.

Closed to the public in 1985, the ballroom and the gymnasium had been left to decay with plasterwork being destroyed by water and the structural integrity being equally compromised. But the recent project has ensured that it will survive for the next 100 years. Although it has not been fully restored to its former glory, these areas have been strengthened and made water tight awaiting the next phase of restoring the original features, if, indeed, current building codes will permit!

I was approached by the managing contractor, Built p/l, to take monthly progress photographs of the works throughout the 15 month contract and, as a consequence, I was privileged to be appointed to this important role. In fulfilling the requirements of this assignment, I had access to all the key areas of the building and spent many hours clambering around the scaffolding that concealed the building for many months.

Among the many challenges of the assignment was the confined space in which I had to work, with distances as small as 1200mm between the scaffold and the façade, features of which I was photographing close up.

By the end of the assignment I had completed 16 day time visits and 4 night time visits, resulting in almost 700 photographs!

For your convenience, I have separated the images into separate building features with an overview page and gallery under each of the following headings. As a bit of an appetiser the overview pages include a very brief video of a small selection of related images.

Note that the images presented by feature are in 'date taken' order. Conversely, in the 'all images' gallery they are listed by file name - this means that images of progress from the same viewpoint are side by side.

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