Colour Pattern Texture

The natural environment is all around us: we live in it, we breathe in it and continue to be in awe of it. It is therefore no surprise that designers of the built environment continually turn to nature for inspiration.

On my study tour, I came across many incredible examples of colours, patters and textures that nature has taken either millennia or in a matter of hours to produce: rock strata that have been created through erosion of the wind and/or water and sand balls made by the Sand Blubber Crabs between high tides.

The ochre pits in the West MacDonnell Ranges display a subtle range of coloured pigments that were once mined by the aborigines for a number of applications, including medicinal and decoration. In contrast the rich deep red of the Echidna Chasm in the Bungle Bungles at first gives the impression of a monolithic structure whereas the rock is formed from numerous small stones compacted together to form a conglomerate.

I have selected a small number of images that illustrate the above for the purposes of informing and perhaps also inspiring. Click on the image to view a selection of images.

(c) 2020 Martin Leitch Photography

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