Framed artwork

Inspire guests and staff with distinctive images on your wall. Martin’s photographs will create a stunning focal point or curious conversation starter. Framed artwork is available for one-off prints or collections, and it’s perfect for livening up offices, hotels, cafes and homes.

Images comprise architectural graphic images that challenge the viewer to understand their context. The impact of the images is strengthened by the choice of print medium: brushed aluminium, glass, acrylic and/or metallic paper, with frames to suit.

Select an image from this gallery, or select any image from the Graphic Cities Premium Collection.

Standard print sizes for all media are (in inches and (mm)):

Portrait or landscape:

30 x 20 (762 x 508)

36 x 24 (914 x 610)

50 x 30 (1270 x 762)

60 x 40 (1524 x 1016)


24 x 24 (610 x 610)

30 x 30 (762 x 762)

36 x 36 (914 x 914)

40 x 40 (1016 x 1016)

Specific size requirements can also be accommodated.

Optional additional services include delivery and installation.

Contact us for a quotation.

(c) 2020 Martin Leitch Photography

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