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Martin Leitch


People capture human expression in myriad ways. For Martin Leitch it’s what we express through architecture and design that demands attention.

Martin’s focus on the built environment comes from a career in the design, construction and operation of buildings. He combines this with a lifetime of photographing the built environment to bring you a distinctive perspective of buildings, infrastructure and interiors.

You can access Martin’s work by commissioning a project or purchasing framed artwork for commercial and domestic interiors.


Buildings are created by a mix of individuals, from the client and the designer to the contractors and even the regulators. Because of this, every building has its own personality, expressed by its overall style and through its component parts and the way they fit together. Capturing this personality takes planning, timing and appropriate equipment. So, whether the building is the result of a completely new build or a refurbishment, I aim to take images that represent a testament to all those involved in its creation.


Likewise, interiors are created by a series of individuals, with the client and their designer being the primary influences. Commercial and residential interiors are highly personal and are crafted to reflect the image that the business or homeowner wishes to portray. Sensitively capturing the way that form, light and colour interact in the interior results in photographs that reflect and promote that image. 


Although not necessarily as glamorous as buildings and interiors, infrastructure projects play a significant role in the economy with respect to the employment generated in their construction and the improvement they make to the lives of the population. All too often these projects are not publicised and celebrated as much as they should be. Great photographs of these projects can play a major role in informing everyone about how they are progressing and the many different benefits they deliver. Many such projects can be seen as pretty mundane, but my creative approach to photographing them will broaden their appeal and inspiration.

Site Progress

These days everyone enjoys a great story. What better way to record and relate the story of a construction project than by a series of images that track its progress from start to completion. Whether a new build or a refurbishment, this service aims to capture the key stages in a project. It is easy for you to get caught up in day-to-day construction dramas at the expense of appreciating what is being creating. So, through my photography, I create a story that emphasises your achievements and is great to be able to look back on.

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